Nervous doesn’t quite cut it

Being nervous about tomorrow morning would be a gross understatement. I am virtually shitting myself at the prospect of braving -6 degrees at Lake Mountain while running around a 16km course trying to tackle various obstacles along the way.

Why am I doing this? Well I got talked into doing this event, the Winter Warrior Challenge, by my brother earlier in the year. At the time I thought it would be great motivation to get me back into competitive sport.

It started out oh so well…

I hit the gym in earnest, working on strength and cardio and was feeling great. But life happens. A number of things started to take my focus away from this and I simply got lazy! Now in the past couple of months I have hardly done a thing where I have exerted myself physically other than two session at the gym earlier this week. I feel a little under-prepared, hah!

Nevertheless this will be a good kick up the ass to get myself back on the bike, so to speak. Currently getting myself organised so I don’t freeze my ass off or hurt myself. My brother and I and few others are all heading up in a convoy in the morning to take on the mountain (if you can call Lake Mountain an actual mountain).

So hopefully the course favours me and I can get through unscathed and determined to get myself back in shape.

Wish me luck!

PS. I will be packing extra toilet paper!


My Online Catharsis Begins Again

It has been a while since I posted anything here. I guess outlets such as facebook and twitter are more than adequate to get our thoughts out on the web these days. Regardless, I hope to make more contributions here on my personal blog, which I hope will be rather cathartic.

A lot has happened since the Melbourne Half-Marathon almost four years ago. I was made redundant after twelve years at Pacnet, became a small business owner, started up the BarCraft Melbourne movement, launched a competitive gaming team, suffered through a second ACL reconstruction on my right knee and became a father of a beautiful girl who is the centre of my world.